Dead Sea Salts 500 gr

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Natural Dead Sea salt without artificial flavors and additives. Salt has a uniform appearance with perfectly clean granules of the same size without pebbles and dirt, which ensures comfort during water procedures and gentle exfoliation of dead cells.
This bathing agent promotes general relaxation of the body, removal of toxins, maintenance of skin tone and regeneration, elimination of mild inflammation and allergic reactions. To take a restorative bath, it is recommended to dilute a 200 ml glass in a warm bath, then rinse with water. It is also possible to use salt for compresses, wraps, inhalations, rinses and cryomassage.

Size Guide
Fortifying baths: Dissolve a glass of salt (200 ml) in a bath of warm water, immerse yourself in the water for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Special baths for treatment: concentration according to the doctor's recommendation.
Sea salt, Dead Sea minerals

- Calcium is important for barrier function
- potassium provides intensive nourishment
- magnesium is responsible for tone and restoration
- mbromine removes fatigue after a stressful day or sport activities
- manganese is a powerful antioxidant
- sodium give energy
- zinc produces anti-inflammatory effect
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