Dead Sea Salts 500 gr
Natural Dead Sea salt without artificial flavors and additives. Salt has a uniform appearance with perfectly clean granules of the same size without pebbles and dirt, which ensures comfort during water procedures and gentle exfoliation of dead cells.This bathing agent...
Dead Sea salt with orchid extract 500g
The salt is enriched with the Dead Sea minerals and micro elements. The unique health-improving features of Dr. Sea salt are provided by the necessary concentration of potassium, magnesium, calcium, bromine, sodium, manganese and zinc in its composition. The skin...
Dead Sea salt with orange extract 500g
Dr. Sea bath salt containing important micro elements improves functional characteristics of the skin and its appearance and prevents ageing. Orange oil is an excellent anti-cellulite agent. The light citric trail proven itself in aromatherapy, boosts spirits, enhances concentration, refreshes...
Black Dead Sea Mineral Mud 600g
Mud wraps are universal: mud saturates the skin with microelements and absorbs metabolic products, which stimulates regenerative processes, normalizes skin and even muscle tone, softens scars and dissolves adhesions - this is an ideal remedy in cases of cellulite, flabbiness,...
Shampoo For Men - 400 ml
Shampoo with a pleasant characteristic masculine fragrance. The shampoo contains almond oil, proteins, vitamins E, C, provitamin B5, sunscreens and Dead Sea minerals. Almond oil is one of the best remedies for strengthening hair follicles, stimulating hair growth, giving them...
Shower Gel for Men - 400 ml
Moisturizing gel with aromatherapy effect, does not dry the skin at all. It contains almond oil, vitamins E, provitamin B5, sunscreens and Dead Sea minerals.Almond oil is rich in bioflavonoids that slow down cell aging, it has a powerful tonic...
Intimae Soap - Green Tea - 240 ml
The product is specially designed for intimate care. It is soft and gentle, helps maintain the required рН level, contains lactic acid and softly treats the natural acidity рН level of the intimate mucosa. It is ideal for gentle and...
$16.90 $13.90
Moisturizing Rich Shower Gel- Oblipicha & Mango - 400 ml
An excellent shower product with an aromatherapy effect and protection against the harmful effects of hard tap water. The composition of the gel contains sea buckthorn oil, which intensively moisturizes, accelerates the process of skin renewal and promotes its rapid...
Moisturizing Rich Shower Gel- Pomegranate & Ginger - 400 ml
Moisturizing shower gel pomegranate and ginger.The gel with a pleasant, slightly tart aroma moisturizes and nourishes the skin, while due to the extracts of pomegranate and ginger it perfectly tones and has a lifting effect.Recommended for all skin types
Moisturizing Rich Shower Gel -Olive Oil , Papaya & Green Tea - 400 ml
Moisturizing shower gel with a unique complex of valuable natural ingredients will turn your shower into a real SPA pleasure. Contains Olive Oil with Vitamin E, which relaxes, fights the first signs of aging and helps maintain a healthy appearance...
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