Moisturizing Eye Gel – Coffee - 30 ml
Moisturizing eye gel with caffeine will help to remove signs of fatigue, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. This effective organic compound increases lymph flow, stimulates cell metabolism and blood microcirculation, having a beneficial effect on sensitive areas of...
Anti-Aging Eye Serum - Camu Camu & Q 10 - 30 ml
The weightless concentrate improves the condition of the eyelids, relieves the periorbital area from dull color, puffiness, dark circles, and a feeling of skin tightness. Intensive therapy is provided by the extract of camu-camu berries. Exotic fruits-immune stimulators, enriched with...
Facial Hyaluronic & Vitamins Serum - 30 ml
Hyaluronic acid is one of the main elements of the extracellular matrix. One of the best moisturizers for skin and hair, due to the high hygroscopicity of its molecules, which are attracted from the airwater molecules 1 to 10 Acid...
Rejuvenating Brightening Serum with Arbutin & Niacinamide - 30 ml
Brightening serum based on two powerful components - niacinamide and arbutin reduces the severity of age spots and redness, has an antioxidant effect. With regular use, evens out skin tone and gives the face a healthy glow, whitens and provides...
Multi-Concentrated Collagan & Squalane Serum - 30 ml
A super-effective multi-concentrate serum with active ingredients helps fight the signs of aging, gently moisturizes the skin, makes it supple and toned. The serum contains a strengthening collagen component, which creates a protective layer on the skin that retains moisture...
Gel for the area around the eyes and lips with retinol - 30 ml
The gel has a moisturizing effect, reduces formation of wrinkles of the eye area. Instantly absorbed. Contains high-tech peptide and moisturizing complexes. The active ingredients of the cream: retinol, vitamin E, papaya and myrtle extracts.
Facial serum with gold and vitamin E - radiant skin effect - 30 ml
Facial Serum for nourishing and restoring skin, contains a combination of vitamins B5 and C, which help to fight against skin pigmentation. Encapsulated vitamin E together with Aloe Vera and green tea extracts help the skin to resist the negative...
Facial lifting cream- serum with gold and peptide complex - 30 ml
The product combines the effect of serum and cream: it deeply moisturizes the skin like a serum and perfectly nourishes it like a cream. Its concentrated texture provides economical consumption.Colloidal gold in cream serum evens out the skin tone, provides...
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