Anti-Aging Body Butter - Lavender, Vanilla& Patchouli - 250 ml
Nourishing body butter with an incredibly beautiful aroma, aimed at intensive hydration, reliable protection and improving skin elasticity, includes a whole bunch of valuable essential oils of vanilla, lavender and patchouli, which effectively cope with various irritations, redness and inflammation...
Anti-Aging Body Butter - Green Tea & Geranium - 250 ml
Body butter with geranium and green tea, panthenol and vitamin E is recommended for dry dehydrated skin, especially during periods of strict diets or pregnancy, as it helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks. The active ingredients included in the...
Anti-Aging Body Butter - Papaya& Melon - 250 ml
Nourishing body Butter, aimed at intensive hydration, reliable protection and increase of skin elasticity, consists of valuable melon and papaya oils. These components actively act on the upper layers of the dermis, stimulating cell renewal, restoring the lipid barrier, preventing...
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