Serum - activator for hair growth with menthol and rosemary extract - 100 ml Product Dr. Sea
Dr. Sea Serum for the root zone promotes the activation of growth, stimulates follicles and normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands. Active ingredients help to restore and strengthen the structure of the hair. Serum includes the necessary vitamins and...
Shampoo For Men - 400 ml Product Dr. Sea
Shampoo with a pleasant characteristic masculine fragrance. The shampoo contains almond oil, proteins, vitamins E, C, provitamin B5, sunscreens and Dead Sea minerals. Almond oil is one of the best remedies for strengthening hair follicles, stimulating hair growth, giving them...
Revitalizing Magic OIL for hair with wheat germ oil and squalene - 100 ml Product Dr. Sea
Repair oil for the hair ends moisturizes and nourishes.Wheat germ oil helps to restore the elasticity of dry hair, saturates with essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Squalene helps to strengthen hair scales, so that the hair becomes less brittle and...
Hair Mask - Oblipicha & Mango Butter - 325 ml Product Dr. Sea
An excellent tool for restoring dry, weakened, split ends. Actively moisturizes and creates a protective barrier against harmful ultraviolet and thermal effects of electrical appliances during styling. Sea buckthorn oil deeply nourishes the scalp, saturates each hair with moisture and...
Hair Mask - Olive Oil & Papaya & Green Tea - 325 ml Product Dr. Sea
A rich complex of Dead Sea minerals, olive, almond, rosehip oils, green tea and papaya extracts provides intensive care, nourishes the hair along the entire length, restores its natural moisture level, improves blood microcirculation in the scalp, prevents hair fragility...
Hair Mask - Pomegranate & Ginger - 325 ml Product Dr. Sea
Special wellness care for colored and weakened hair, actively working in combination with Shampoo with pomegranate and ginger from the Dr.Sea series. A rich mineral complex, combined with natural extracts and oils, restores the hydro-lipid membrane of dyed and damaged...
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MUD Hair Mask - 325 ml Product Dr. Sea
A mask with natural healing mud from the Dead Sea, rich in mineral composition, significantly improves blood microcirculation and metabolic processes in the scalp. This unique product actively nourishes the hair follicles, fights against the problem of dandruff, strengthens the...
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Shampoo - Pomegranate & Ginger - 400 ml Product Dr. Sea
Is aimed at strengthening and restoring the hair structure after dyeing, and also helps to maintain color saturation. The composition of this product includes extracts of pomegranate, ginger and Dunaliella algae, which, in combination with Dead Sea minerals, have a...
Shampoo -Olive oil & Papaya & Green Tea - 400 ml Product Dr. Sea
Shampoo for daily use with valuable Dead Sea minerals, proteins, vitamin E and vegetable oils provides active moisturizing action, complex nutrition and a noticeable calming effect on the scalp. Olive and papaya oils, known for their beneficial properties, add shine...
Shampoo - Oblipicha & Mango Butter - 400 ml Product Dr. Sea
The shampoo produces an active nourishing effect. It is ideal for damaged hair. The shampoo prevents the hair overdryness and protects it from sun damage. Coffee oil makes the hair shiny smoothing the hair structure. The Dead Sea minerals combined...
Mineral Treatment Hair Conditioner - 400 ml Product Dr. Sea
light conditioner with keratin and vitamin E is aimed at intensive restoration of damaged areas of the hair, has a protective enveloping effect, greatly facilitates combing the hair, gives it volume, allows minerals and oils that provide beauty and shine...
Treatment MUD Shampoo Nettle & Chamomile - 400 ml Product Dr. Sea
Mud shampoo with nettle and chamomile - A unique remedy for all types of hair, especially for oily roots and dry ends. The shampoo contains Dead Sea minerals and herbal extracts of nettle and chamomile, known since ancient times for...
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