Revitalizing body cream – Retinol - 200 ml Product Dr. Sea
A vitamin-rich nourishing body cream enriched with Retinol (Vitamin A), vitamin E, collagen, valuable Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, natural oils and extracts. It has a pronounced rejuvenating effect. Provides long-term hydration, nourishes and softens the skin, eliminates dryness and...
$11.90 $9.90
Intensive moisturizing face cream with Retinol for normal and dry skin - 50 ml Product Dr. Sea
Moisturizing, nourishing and protecting the skin cream, created by the original recipes. Contains all the necessary vitamins, trace elements and minerals for your skin. The active ingredients of the cream: retinol, vitamin E, papaya and myrtle extracts. Age: 35+Product Properties: Anti-aging care,...
$22.90 $18.90
Collagen Night Face Cream - 50 ml Product Dr. Sea
A face cream with a high content of collagen, apple and ginseng extracts has a strong tightening and toning effect, making the facial contour clearer, as well as caring properties, actively promotes the regeneration of epidermal cells, ideal saturation with...
$22.90 $18.90
Collagen Firming Cream SPF 15 - 50 ml Product Dr. Sea
This day cream is the perfect complement to its night counterpart. It has the ability to quickly saturate skin cells with essential vitamins and amino acids, intensively nourish the skin, improve metabolic processes and participate in the activation of the production...
$22.90 $18.90
Moisturizing Firming Facial Eye & Neck cream - Pomegranate & Ginger SPF 15 - 50 ml Product Dr. Sea
A highly active day cream with a pronounced anti-aging effect. Low-temperature extracts of pomegranate (always with peel) and ginger have a powerful prolonged and safe lifting and toning effect, as well as nourish the skin with a wide range of...
$21.90 $18.90
Intensive moisturizing facial day cream with gold and hyaluronic acid - 50 ml Product Dr. Sea
Moisturizing cream with colloidal gold is enriched with vitamins A, C, E, macro and micro elements. It nourishes facial skin, harmonizes the complexion and provides a lifting effect.The action of the active components is enhanced by microparticles of colloidal gold,...
$34.90 $29.90
Facial lifting cream- serum with gold and peptide complex - 30 ml Product Dr. Sea
The product combines the effect of serum and cream: it deeply moisturizes the skin like a serum and perfectly nourishes it like a cream. Its concentrated texture provides economical consumption.Colloidal gold in cream serum evens out the skin tone, provides...
$34.90 $29.90
Cleansing AHA - Facial Toner 210 ml Product Dr. Sea
Toner-exfoliator for the face perfectly cleanses the skin, exfoliates dead cells, promotes epidermal renewal, eliminates imperfections and makes the skin softer, smoother and more elastic. In addition to the standard functions, the toner does an excellent job of moisturizing and...
$19.90 $16.90
Rosemary, Pelargonium & Green Tea Facial Mask - 115 ml Product Dr. Sea
A soothing and revitalizing facial mask based on natural ingredients and minerals from the Dead Sea, designed specifically for dull and dehydrated skin prone to breakouts. Pelargonium oil and a complex of vitamins in the composition effectively moisturize and regenerate...
$29.90 $24.90
Sold Out
MUD Hair Mask - 325 ml Product Dr. Sea
A mask with natural healing mud from the Dead Sea, rich in mineral composition, significantly improves blood microcirculation and metabolic processes in the scalp. This unique product actively nourishes the hair follicles, fights against the problem of dandruff, strengthens the...
$19.90 $16.90
Retinol Night cream for aged skin - 50 ml Product Dr. Sea
Rejuvenating night cream for the face will help you look the way you feel! Complete skin renewal and lightening of age-related pigmentation. Microencapsulated retinol, which has proven its effectiveness, allows you to preserve youth and solve a number of problems...
$24.90 $18.90
Mineral Facial Mud Mask with Aloe Vera and Dunaliella-100ml Product Dr. Sea
A unique natural formula that combines deep cleansing to remove toxins from the deep layers of the skin, to restore metabolism. Improving blood microcirculation and strengthening the skin matrix. Nourishes the skin with essential minerals and trace elements. Regulates the...
$19.90 $16.90
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