Collagen Firming Cream SPF 15 - 50 ml
This day cream is the perfect complement to its night counterpart. It has the ability to quickly saturate skin cells with essential vitamins and amino acids, intensively nourish the skin, improve metabolic processes and participate in the activation of the production...
$22.90 $18.90
Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream - 30 ml
Absorbs quickly and soothes the skin. Reduces signs of fatigue, improves firmness and elasticity, smoothes fine wrinkles, effectively fights puffiness and dark circles. Helps skin look smoother and younger.
$22.90 $19.90
Moisturizing and corrective eye cream with Retinol and hyaluronic acid - 30 ml
Lightweight cream with delicate structure that provides hydration and nutrition,which the combination of retinol with Dead Sea minerals and other active ingredients gives an anti-aging effect, lifts and a powerful restorative, as well as lightens and balances the skin color...
Anti-Aging Body Cream - Avocado & Mango - 200 ml
Gentle nourishing treatment for sensitive and dry skin.A perfectly balanced composition allows you to urgently and effectively deal with dryness, peeling and irritation even in the most sensitive Avocado oil enriched with vitamins A, C, E and F slows...
Facial mask with gold and retinol - 50 ml
The face mask containing colloidal gold and a large complex of oils is an indispensable step in the Oils step. This product contains oils: olives, macadamia nuts, avocados, wheat germ, sesame seeds, which moisturize, nourish, tone, prevent the destruction of...
Retinol Night cream for aged skin - 50 ml
Rejuvenating night cream for the face will help you look the way you feel! Complete skin renewal and lightening of age-related pigmentation. Microencapsulated retinol, which has proven its effectiveness, allows you to preserve youth and solve a number of problems...
$24.90 $18.90
Aloe Vera gel oblipicha - 200 ml
Enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera, sea buckthorn and Dead Sea minerals, the gel has a moisturizing and soothing effect, stimulates regenerative processes, and intensively nourishes. An indispensable remedy for insect bites, as well as after sunburn to restore the...
Nut Cocktail Mask for Hands and Forearms - 100 ml
Gentle peeling for hands and forearms + deep moisture + intensive nourishment -all this is provided by a high-effective mask for hands and forearms, based on three magical elements: Shea butter, chestnut oil and almond oil.Shea butter is responsible for...
Moisturizing Eye Gel – Coffee - 30 ml
Moisturizing eye gel with caffeine will help to remove signs of fatigue, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. This effective organic compound increases lymph flow, stimulates cell metabolism and blood microcirculation, having a beneficial effect on sensitive areas of...
Anti-Aging Body Butter - Green Tea & Geranium - 250 ml
Body butter with geranium and green tea, panthenol and vitamin E is recommended for dry dehydrated skin, especially during periods of strict diets or pregnancy, as it helps prevent the appearance of stretch marks. The active ingredients included in the...
Shampoo -Olive oil & Papaya & Green Tea - 400 ml
Shampoo for daily use with valuable Dead Sea minerals, proteins, vitamin E and vegetable oils provides active moisturizing action, complex nutrition and a noticeable calming effect on the scalp. Olive and papaya oils, known for their beneficial properties, add shine...
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