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Shampoo - Oblipicha & Mango Butter
  • Shampoo - Oblipicha & Mango Butter
  • Code: 453
  • Hair Protective formula against environmental damages and sun rays. Active Dead Sea minerals synergized with sea buckthorn oil and mango extract to nourish hair. Enriched with moisture. Helps strengthen hair roots hair growth. Recommended for dry hair.

Shampoo - Pomegranate & Ginger
  • Shampoo - Pomegranate & Ginger
  • Code: 454
  • Strengthens and restores hair structure. Protects hair color. Contains extracts of pomegranate, ginger , Dead sea minerals. Nourishes and strengthens hair roots and nurtures hair to look glowing and radiant. Suitable for colored hair.

Shampoo -Olive oil & Papaya & Green Tea
  • Shampoo -Olive oil & Papaya & Green Tea
  • Code: 455
  • Cleans hair and scalp gently. Enriched with moisture for multifunctional protection. Strengthens hair roots, helps sooth scalp and minimizes the appearance of split ends. Contains Dead Sea minerals, vitamin E and herbal extracts. For normal hair

Hair Conditioner – Keratin and Vitamin E
  • Hair Conditioner – Keratin and Vitamin E
  • Code: 456
  • A phyto complex of the Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts protects the hair from harmful chemical and mechanical damage. Phytokeratin revitalizes hair. Panthenol - for easy combing. Leaves hair shiny. Suitable for all types of hair.

MUD Shampoo - Nettle & Chamomile
  • MUD Shampoo - Nettle & Chamomile
  • Code: 457
  • Special shampoo for scalp care. Helps prevents hair loss. Thoroughly cleans and strengthens hair leaving it soft and shiny. The shampoo contains the Dead Sea minerals, organic mud, nettle and vegetable extracts and proteins. Suitable for all hair types.

Hair Mask - Obliphica & Mango
  • Hair Mask - Obliphica & Mango
  • Code: 459
  • Perfect hair care for dehydrated and dull hair split ends, nourishes the scalp with minerals, restores the hair along the whole length, revitalizes it and protects hair from sun damage. The mask is enriched with the Dead Sea minerals, vitamin A, carotene and mango butter. It is recommended for dry hair.

Hair Mask - Olive Oil & Papaya & Green Tea
  • Hair Mask - Olive Oil & Papaya & Green Tea
  • Code: 460
  • Intensive hair care - Nourishes whole length of hair, restores its natural level of moisture and improves scalp functioning. Contains Dead Sea minerals, olive and papaya oils as well as green tea extract. The mask leaves hair fragrant, soft, shiny and manageable. Suitable for Normal Hair.

Hair Mask - Pomegranate & Ginger
  • Hair Mask - Pomegranate & Ginger
  • Code: 461
  • Revitalizes dry ends. soft and shiny hair. Maintains hair strength and color. Neutralizes color fading. Mask protects against weather damage and refreshes hair. Nourishes with hydrating ingredients, herbal extracts and oils as well as vitamins strengthen hair. Hair appears radiant. Leaves hair looking even, easy to style and vital.Suitable for colored hair.

Hair Mud Mask
  • Hair Mud Mask
  • Code: 462
  • Rich in natural mud and minerals from the Dead Sea. Strengthens hair and helps reduce hair loss. Improves hydration of scalp. Contains Pro-vitamin B5, Papaya and Green Tea extract. Nourishes, softens and helps prevent dandruff. Provides hair with a thin to prevent damaging environmental effects. Leaves hair shiny, vital and glowing. For all hair types.