• Nut Cocktail Hand Cream
  • Code: 321
  • Description
    The appetite formula is perfectly balanced, that's why hand care becomes a real pleasure!
    Nut Cocktail Hand Cream contains: Shea butter, almond oil and chestnut oil.
    Shea Butter:
    - softens, protects and nourishes skin;
    - stimulates own collagen production;
    - provides UV-protection, permitting to slow down skin ageing processes.  
    Chestnut oil:
    - assists in healing injuries and cracks.
    Almond oil:
    - reduces dryness;
    - heals weather skin and reduces inflammations;
    - regulates lipid and water balance of skin;
    - starts hand renovation processes;
    - slightly clarifies the skin.
    Nut Cocktail works at 100%. It:
    - prevents epidermis roughening;
    - makes framework of elastin and collagen more active and hand skin more firm;
    - reduces dryness and irritation;
    - strengthens nail plates, makes nails less fragile.
  • Way to use

    Apply the cream to the clean hands and massage them slightly until the cream is fully absorbed. For the best results it's recommended to use Nut Cocktail Mask for Hands and Forearms.