• Olive Beauty Facial Mask
  • Code: 302
  • Description
    High-effective revitalizing mask for normal and dry skin. The mask is rich in peptide complexes, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins.
    Olive oil is great for dry skin. Vitamin E, as olive oil constituent, is one of the significant components for youth and beauty preservation.
    Olive oil:
    - softens skin, makes it smooth and silky;
    - assists in preventing dehydration;
    - normalizes oil-water balance;
    - tones up skin and improves its protective functions.
    Protect your skin from the environment hazards, nourish it, provide essential moisture, and soon you will see the results. You won't wait long for the results if you use our products for facial care that are enriched with natural components.
  • Way to use

    Apply the mask to the clear and wet face avoiding the eye area. Leave it for 15–20 minutes, and then wash away with warm water. It's recommended to use 1–2 times a week.