• Mud Shampoo with Nettle and Camomile 400 ml
  • Code: 457
  • Description
    Excellent remedy for all hair types, especially good for hair with oily roots and dry ends! It softens, gives gloss, decreases hair loss and helps to cope with dandruff.
    The shampoo contains minerals of the Dead Sea, organic mud extract, nettle and camomile vegetable extracts.
    The mineral mud is enriched with micro- and macroelements.
    Organic mud extract:
    - strengthens hair bulbs and provides nourishment through cutaneous pores;
    - prevents hair loss;
    - increases blood microcirculation and recovers dermal balance.
    Nettle extract:
    - strengthens hair structure;
    - stimulates hair growth;
    - removes static electricity;
    - protects from ultraviolet adverse effect;
    - copes with dandruff and prevents its further appearance.
    Camomile extract:
    - gives natural gloss;
    - strengthens hair throughout the length.
  • Way to use

    Apply a fill of the shampoo to the wet hair. Massage the scalp, leave the shampoo for 2 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water. It's recommended to use Dr. Sea conditioner or any Dr. Sea mask to reach the maximum effect.