• Hair Mask with Olive Oil, Papaya and Green Tea
  • Code: 460
  • Description
    The mask nourishes hair intensively, improves scalp microcirculation and hair general condition.
    Olive oil:
    - prevents hair breaking and dryness;
    - effectively treats hair splitting;
    - makes hair soft and glossy.

    Combination Dead Sea minerals, papaya oil and green tea extract:
    - stimulates renovation of scalp dermal cells;
    - prevents hair loss and stimulates growth of hair;
    - keeps natural pH-balance.
    Hair gets energy and hair dressing becomes easier!
  • Way to use

    Apply the mask to the clean washed hair and massage for several minutes. Then thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water. It's recommended to apply the mask 1-2 times a week along with Dr.Sea shampoo.