• Dead Sean Black Mineral Mud
  • Code: 187
  • Description
    Mineral Mud as one of the sources of beneficial microelements:  
    - stimulates regeneration process;
    - normalizes skin balance and muscular tone;
    - softens scars and resolves adhesions;
    - effectively (!) treats cellulite, stretch marks and loose skin.
  • Way to use

    1. Mud applications to extremities (temperature 38–40 °C, duration: 15–20 minutes, relax after the treatment for 30 minutes in warm place) is the good choice to cure muscular ache after long standing or after physical exercise, kill joint pain, treat oedemas, prevent excessive perspiration, soften callosities, regenerate and renovate skin. Mud applications are beneficial to make if you have arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, injuries or strains. 2. Mud applications to the hairy part of the head (temperature 37–38 °C, duration: 10–15 minutes) effectively cure seborrhea, treat dandruff and oily scalp. Mud also can help you stop migraine, treat headache or depression. Stimulates hair strengthening if you have hair loss, improves general hair condition and appearance. Hair mud masks are good measures for the prevention of hair loss. 3. Mud applications for musculoskeletal system disorders therapy (temperature 37–38 °C, duration: 10–15 minutes, relax after the treatment for 30 minutes in warm place). Indications for use: osteochondrosis, radiculitis, neuritis, osteomyelitis. 4. Mud applications for skin disease therapy (temperature 37–39 °C, duration: 10–15 minutes, relax after the treatment for 40-45 minutes in warm place). Indications for use: psoriasis, eczema, diathesis, neurodermatitis. Such applications improve blood circulation and normalize dermal exchange processes, stimulate skin renovation, stop itching, relieve irritation, slow down inflammations, improve skin appearance, remove dead skin cells, soften scars, smoothes out minor wrinkles. 5. Overweight and cellulite treatment wrapping (temperature 38–40 °C, duration: 20–30 minutes) — 2 times a week. Treatment course: 8-10 procedures. Repeat the treatment course 2 times a year. Detailed instruction for mud wrapping at home: - Heat mud at 40°C in a water bath or in microwave (defrost mode). - Prepare your skin for wrapping. It's recommended to use scrub for the best results. - Apply a thin layer of the mud mask to skin problem areas. (If you want to do mud anti-cellulite wrapping, you need to apply the mud to waist, thighs and buttocks.) - Wrap up your body in clingfilm to maintain temperature. (During anti-cellulite wrapping in order not to hamper movements it's recommended to make so called "pants": wrap up each thigh separately, then make kind of a waistband.) For the best results wrap up in a blanket. - In 20–30 minutes after wrapping wash the mud away with warm water. - For the best results apply moisturizing cream and massage until fully absorbed. WARNING! It's required to apply mud to cleansed body skin. It's not recommended to apply mud to the region of the heart. In severe cases of cardiovascular disease treatment is provided under the care of a physician.