• Dead Sea Salts with Jasmine
  • Code: 183
  • Description
    Perfect anti-stress product that is beneficial for your skin and cardiovascular system.
    Dead Sea Salts with Jasmine:
    - nourishes and moisturizes skin;
    - restores skin resilience and elasticity;
    - stimulates regeneration process;
    - mitigates fatigue; stimulates nervous system;
    - improves body condition.
  • Way to use

    General health-improving baths (200 g of salt per bath). Duration: 15–20 minutes. Have baths 3 times a week. Relax after bath for 30–40 minutes. a) 25–30 °C bath temperature intensifies metabolism, muscular tone, stimulates nervous system. b) 35–37 °C bath temperature is used for health strengthening, immune system boosting, fatigue and stress mitigating. It has soothing effect, improves skin appearance, lowers arterial tension, increases tissue metabolism. с) 40–45 °C bath temperature intensifies metabolism and excretory function (kidney vessels widen), increases body perspiration and arterial tension, decreases appetite. Have a wash with warm water after the treatment. WARNING! If you have cardiovascular disease, bath temperature shouldn't exceed 34 °C. Under the care and on the recommendation of a physician. It's not recommended to have hot baths if suffering from insomnia.