• Anti-Aging Body Butter with Green Tea and Geranium
  • Code: 225
  • Description
    Body oil is moisturizing and nourishing product that copes with the first signs of skin ageing. It is a very gentle care product that's why body oil can be used even if you have sensitive skin.
    Your skin looks radiant. It is energized, skin protective functions are active.  
    Geranium oil:
    - soothes and moisturizes skin;
    - makes your skin more firm;
    - protects from negative external factors.
    Green tea is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. It detoxifies skin and stimulates its renovation.
    Papaya and melon oils:
    - renovate dermal cells;
    - restore damaged lipid barrier of dry and mature skin;
    - relieve skin irritation;
    - cope with inflammations;
    - prevent dehydration.
    The complex of lavender, vanilla and patchouli oils:
    - effectively copes with skin irritation and inflammation;
    - remedies redness, peeling and itch;
    - has a lifting effect;
    - stimulates tissue regeneration;
    - makes your skin more elastic.
  • Way to use

    Apply the oil to the cleansed skin after a shower. Massage until fully absorbed.