• Soothing Multi-Purpose Cream with Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter
  • Code: 241
  • Description
    It's the best cream for protection from dryness and irritation due to its rich natural formula. The cream contains Dead Sea minerals, amino acids, vitamins E, C, B5, and A. Due to these components the cream has a tonic and firming effects, slows down skin ageing process. In the summer the cream protects your skin from sunlight, in the winter — from wind.

    Aloe Vera Extract:
    - opens and cleans pores;
    - moisturizes and lifts skin;
    - normalizes metabolism;
    - stimulates cells renovation;
    - treats inflammation and irritation.
    Cocoa butter is enriched with stearic, palmitic, olein, and linolenic acids. It also contains methylxanthine, caffeine, and tannin. Cocoa butter:
    - maintains skin resilience and elasticity;
    - provides moisturizing effect for a long time;
    - has healing properties and tones up skin.
  • Way to use

    Apply the cream to the body after a shower, and every time your skin needs moisturizing and nourishment.