• Anti-Aging Body Cream with Avocado Oil and Mango Extract
  • Code: 239
  • Description
    This SOS-cream copes with dryness and irritation of all skin areas, even sensitive ones, due to its balanced formula. May be applied pointwise. Fast and caring!
    Enriched with vitamins A, C, E and F, avocado oil:
    - slows down skin ageing;
    - reduces the risk of getting stretch marks, that may appear because of age related elastin and collagen reduction;
    - protects skin from peeling;
    - increases the rate of regeneration process;
    - stimulates improvement of skin tissue immunity;
    - creates skin protective barrier from the ultraviolet negative effect;
    Enriched with group B vitamins, mango extract contains vitamins C, E, D, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium. It's also rich in fatty acids. Mango extract:
    - helps cream efficiently moisturize and nourish your skin;
    - stops itching and relieves irritation;
    - makes your skin soft and firm;
    - normalizes dermal exchange processes.
  • Way to use

    Apply the cream to the body after a shower, and every time your skin needs moisture and nourishment.