• Nourishing and Moisturizing Body Cream with Olive Oil, Papaya and Green Tea Extracts
  • Code: 238
  • Description
    Ideal care that meets the needs of any skin type.
    Olive oil:
    - guarantees protection from the environment hazards;
    - helps you skin relax from everyday stress;
    - effectively softens skin after a sunburn;
    - provides necessary skin nourishment.
    High concentration of brazil nut oil along with papaya, green tea and Dead Sea algae extracts guarantees silky and firm skin.
    Papaya extract:
    - stimulates skin cells renovation;
    - makes your skin smooth.
    Green tea extract:
    - has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties;
    - enriches cells with oxygen;
    - relieves redness and irritation.
  • Way to use

    Apply the cream to the body after a shower, and every time your skin needs moisturizing and nourishment.