• Moisture Rich Shower Cream-Gel with Olive Oil, Papaya and Green Tea 400 ml
  • Code: 434
  • Description
    Having a shower becomes a pleasure with the complex of natural components.
    Pomegranate extract:
    - softens your skin;
    - retains moisture;
    - has perfect protective characteristics and protects from ultraviolet adverse effect;
    - stimulates dermal cells renovation, makes your skin firm, promotes skin rejuvenation.
    Ginger oil:
    - has a variety of antimicrobial properties;
    - protects from the environment hazards;
    - copes with skin fatigue, normalizes its energetic balance;
    - lifts skin;
    - tones up skin cells and stimulates their renovation;
    Olive oil, enriched with Vitamin E:
    - protects from the environment hazards;
    - is natural relaxant;
    - maintains good skin appearance, makes it smooth and silky;
    - reduces first signs of ageing.
    Papaya oil:
    - tones up skin;
    - has excellent moisturizing properties;
    - softens your skin;
    - soothes and effectively cleans skin.
    Green tea extract:
    - effectively protects from negative external factors;
    - improves skin appearance;
    - has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties;
    - discharges excessive fluid and reduces skin puffiness;
    - improves blood microcirculation, strengthens vascular walls.
    Sea-buckthorn oil:
    - renovates skin after a sunburn;
    - stimulates skin renovation processes;
    - provides energy;
    - has the effect of clarifying;
    - softens dry skin and gets rid of peeling skin.
    Mango butter, enriched with various acids, vitamins A, C, D, E and B, magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron:
    - has anti-inflammatory properties;
    - moisturizes skin;
    - renovates skin cells;
    - protects from the ultraviolet negative effect.
  • Way to use

    Apply the shower gel to the wet skin using a sponge, massage your skin and thoroughly wash the foam away.