• Anti-Aging Eye Serum with Camu Camu and Q 10
  • Code: 220
  • Description
    Camu camu is a tropical fruit with the highest amount of antioxidants that assist in protecting from the environment hazards. This fruit is rich in natural Vitamin C. It is the natural vitamin C that is assimilated by our organism better than artificially-synthesized analogues.
    This concentrated product delivering beneficial elements to deep skin tissues also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, amino acids.
    Anti-Aging Eye Serum with Camu Camu and Q 10 works at the cellular level. It makes skin smoother and more elastic, stimulates respiratory and exchange processes reducing puffiness and removing dark under-eye circles.
  • Way to use

    It's recommended to apply the serum 2-3 times a week with any Dr. Sea cream. It's suitable for all skin types (30+ years old).