• Moisturizing Cream with Sea-Buckthorn Oil and Mango Extract SPF 15
  • Code: 202
  • Description
    Significant vegetable components + Dead Sea minerals + effective UV protection = perfect cream for dry skin!
    Sea-buckthorn oil:
    - makes your skin more firm;
    - copes with expression lines appearance;
    - larifies pigment spots and freckles;
    - nourishes and softens skin;
    - retains moisture of skin cells, prevents peeling skin;
    - maintains skin oil-water balance.
    Mango extract is rich in B-group vitamins. It's also enriched with vitamins C, E, D, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, and unsaturated fatty acids that are important for skin balance. Mango extract:
    - relieves irritation and itching;
    - intensively moisturizes skin;
    - makes your skin firm;
    - normalizes dermal exchange processes;
    - freshens complexion.
  • Way to use

    Apply a small amount of the cream by tapping motions to the clean facial and neck skin. Recommended for daily morning use.