• Deep Cleansing Facial Soap with Green Tea Extract
  • Code: 216
  • Description
    Perfect cleanser with the triple effect: it purifies, soothes skin and maintains its resilience and elasticity. It contains green tea extract and Dead Sea minerals.
    Green tea is one of the best natural antioxidants that protect skin from the environment hazards.
    Due to polyphenols as a part of the formula, Deep Cleansing Facial Soap with Green Tea Extract:
    - has anti-inflammatory properties;
    - exerts antibacterial effect;
    - enriches cells with oxygen;
    - improves skin protection functions;
    - discharges excessive fluid and reduces skin puffiness;
    - strengthens vascular walls.
    In addition, this soap has an amazing fresh scent.
    Deep Cleansing Facial Soap with Green Tea Extract is suitable for all skin types and may be applicable daily.
  • Way to use

    Apply a small amount of the soap to the wet facial skin and gently massage it in. Leave it for 1 minute and then thoroughly wash it away with room temperature water. It's recommended to complete the cleansing procedure using Dr. Sea tonic. After the procedure, use Dr. Sea moisturizing or nourishing cream.